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Goal: efficient marketing

vetEvidence‘s mission is to contribute to making Spanish companies in the animal health sector more efficient by applying innovative technological solutions aimed at improving business management.

vetEvidence management areas:

• Preparation of the petSellout reports; Companion Animals health care products panel providing companies with national and regional business and product key indicators, focusing the analysis on sales channels.
• Management of sellout sales data for animal health sector companies including activities related to the audit and certification of results. Through the combined strength of sales reports coordination activities, data processing (including filtering with legal criteria) and reporting, we can achieve synergies that translate into improved processes and cost savings.
• Implementation of Business Intelligence solutions, especially those associated with CRM such as Sales Force Effectiveness.
Strategic consulting in the Companion Animals medication sector.

vetEvidence is focused towards companies wishing to improve their commercial and marketing management, optimise their competitive strategies, strengthen their position in the market and improve their business results:

• Animal health companies (health care products)
• Distributors and wholesalers
• Companies that operate in the animal health sector

Xavier Blancafort.
vetEvidence consultant and founder

Professional support

vetEvidence’s main differentiating characteristics, which prove its suitability as a partner, are:

Professionalism. All our services are based on thoroughness and credibility

Networking. We have considerable contact network at all levels: companies, logistics, professional associations, veterinary opinion leaders, professionals and managers.

Experience. Xavier Blancafort, vetEvidence’s consultant and founder, has a degree in Veterinary Science and has a background in Management. He brings over 25 years’ experience in Marketing and Sales in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He has worked extensively in the health sector (Medical Care) and the animal health sector (Companion and Farm Animals).