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PetSellout® is vetEvidence’s animal health market panel (Companion Animals segment). It contains sales data based on transactions from distributors to points of sale.

It is the most complete service currently available in the animal health sector and makes vetEvidence a market data benchmark in the Companion Animals sector.

This panel’s main content comes from the Companion Animals animal health sector and results from the direct data reporting of more than 30 distributors, representing more than two-thirds of the total estimated business dynamics and entire market.

The data published is indexed by marketing and territory category criteria.

A feature of petSellout® is the reliability of the data provided because, in addition to ensuring the source data’s quality, the technology provider gives special attention to its proper management (coding, quality control, process control, etc.), and the methodology used to provide such data.

Dynamic tables

Reports are provided in Excel in dynamic tables that allow clients to filter different results. This way, clients can access the information of specific interest to them.

Source: Inherit


vetEvidence periodically publishes reports reflecting current market news:

  • PetSellout® reports: monthly executive reports with key market indicators
  • PetSellout® dossier: a quarterly or half-yearly extensive dossier on the animal health sector
  • Specific analyses by category, sales channel or territory
  • Ad-hoc studies for companies in the sector


  • Immediacy: monthly results
  • Improves the company’s market positioning
  • Increases the commercial network efficiency
  • Allows promotions to be monitored
  • Provides more information about suppliers
  • Anticipation of possible market opportunities
  • Optimised for mobile devices

Source: Inherit