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High value-added services

vetEvidence’s wide range of value-added and quality services reaps more benefits from the information received, optimising its management.


Implementation of the petSellout® Reports

• Training. We provide detailed training on application use.
• Data analysis. Interpretation and analysis of the data contained in reports.
• Marketing. We guide commercial and marketing actions based on the data received.

Marketing consulting

• Marketing strategy. Our experience and knowledge of the sector makes us ideal to consult on implementing specific marketing strategies.
• Commercial Policy.
Our market knowledge has allowed us to create the tools needed to design effective sales policies and improve results.

Comprehensive management of sellout sales data (Business Process Outsourcing)

The proper management of sellout sales data of companies in the sector improves these companies’ commercial efficiency in their markets.

vetEvidence® manages the process from start to finish:

• Coordinates distributors’ reports
• Manages the legal aspects related to data processing
• Processes data according to the criteria defined by distributors and clients
• Delivers customised reports responding to each company’s needs: CRM input files, dynamic Excel tables or advanced Business Intelligence formats

The main benefits of this activity are:

• Managing the commercial policy and product promotions
Certify the achievement of results involving additional discounts, rebates or commissions

• Commercial Management Optimisation
– Design of sales regions
– Planning a distribution policy
– Establishing trade strategies
– Determination of objectives per visit

• Management of sales network bonuses

• Yield on marketing investments by territory

Business Intelligence

Implementation of technological developments. We partner with companies to ensure they reach a level of technological development that makes their business processes more efficient by focusing on:

• Designing a digitisation strategy.
• Implementing CRM platforms.
• Implementing Sales Force Effectiveness platforms
– Sales Force Effectiveness
– Managing sales network incentives
– Managing promotions
• Consulting on data storage.